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 Good safety is good business (PDF - 1.13MB).

Safety First is the classic mantra of the offshore industry. Avoiding unwanted incidents to personnel is an obvious reason for carefully sticking to the right procedures.This new article explains the importance of carrying out a rigorous Functional Safety Management System in helping to ensure a safe and profitable operation.

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 NEW - Functional Safety Update - IEC 61511 Edition 2 Standards Update (PDF - 83KB).

This standards update highlights the changes that have been made to IEC 61511 Edition 1 as an Edition 2 version.

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 Safety device case study - FMEDA and Prior Use Assessment (PDF - 915KB).

A product manufacturer client with an existing safety device was prompted to carry out a ‘Prior Use’ Assessment in
accordance with IEC 61511 Clause 11.5 for use of the device within a suitable safety related application. The study was to consider the requirements for both FMEDA and Prior Use compliance in accordance with the specific clauses for both Hardware and Systematic Capability claims for an existing product up to and including SIL 2 capability...

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 Assuring your Safety Instrumented Systems as part of your Process Safety Management requirements (PDF - 355KB).

Recent high profile incidents and accidents have highlighted the need to ensure more than ever that installed layers of protection on hazardous installations meet required reliability and safety integrity requirements. As operators improve their basis of safety as part of their process safety management obligations, there is an ever increasing need to develop assured methodologies that can link the hazard analysis with the confident development of credible layers of protection and in particular, embracing safety instrumented systems....

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► Define your requirements and optimise safety (PDF - 357KB).                   

Defining what’s required to deliver optimised safety instrumented systems (SIS) in process industry projects can be incredibly complex, whether they’re new builds, upgrades or expansions. And while everyone is keen to ensure that whatever’s in place at the end of the process presents as little risk as is practical, precisely what that means in terms of safety system requirements has often been defined too loosely until now....

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Functional safety management systems for compliant and efficient implementation of Safety Instrumented Systems (PDF - 226KB).                   

Statistics relating to the performance of major manufacturers are published internationally and incidents, especially those causing injury or death, make headline news.  Recent inquiries into major incidents have reinforced the importance of international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 as a benchmark of acceptable good practice in the management, design, application and operation of safety-instrumented systems....

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One approach to functional safety assurance and safety lifecycle compliance  (PDF - 400KB).                   

This paper will explore and highlight the challenge for the Asset Owner/Operators and how they discharge their responsibilities for functional safety management (FSM) into the supply chain. In doing so, the paper will go onto explore how the four key elements of FSM (with a focus on instrumented safety systems) can be brought together to augment confidence and ultimately increase assurance that the developed basis of safe operation is valid and appropriate....

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Experiences and benefits of using a certified functional safety management system (PDF - 490KB).                 

The introduction of any new procedure is a challenge. When ABB rolled out its new Functional Safety Management
System (FSMS) to its global Safety Execution Centers in over 20 countries; it needed to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible. The problem was a common one; how can you convince your engineers to use a new set of processes and how can you ensure that they are being used correctly?....


The art of assessing functional safety through the supply chain (PDF - 53KB).                   

Functional safety cannot be achieved through a “tick-box” exercise. Got the right kit? Good for you, but that may not translate into functional safety. Used a reputable company to design and install your safety-critical systems? You’re on the right track, but there’s still no guarantee. Got your most competent people checking that everyone’s following your agreed practices and procedures? You know where this is going…


The importance and impact of a good SRS - it's not just about the cause and effects (PDF - 296KB).

This paper will review the implications arising from the release of the safety requirements specification (SRS) to the supply chain relating to issues such as safety functionality/integrity, assumptions made or not made, contractual and requirements creep and where one such implication is that a functional specification based on just a cause effect is not sufficient for compliance to the recommended safety standards


Additional assurance for your basis of safety? (PDF - 1.2MB). 

Recent high profile incidents and accidents have brought home the need to ensure that layers of protection in hazardous areas meet the necessary safety integrity requirements. Operators, as part of their basis of safety, need to link their hazard analysis with the development of credible layers of protection (LOPA)


Legacy Safety Instrumented Systems - when to maintain or evolve (PDF - 3.8MB)

Recent high profile incidents and accidents have brought home the need to ensure that layers of protection in hazardous areas meet the necessary safety integrity requirements. Operators, as part of their basis of safety, need to link their hazard analysis with the development of credible layers of protection (LOPA)


Compliance to IEC61508 means more than just Pfd! (PDF - 143KB).

In today’s world, manufacturers and producers face significant liabilities if they act in a socially irresponsible manner. Such liabilities include direct financial costs arising from the incident itself, from legal costs and fines if found guilty of breaking the law, damages paid to injured parties and damaged reputation, which can have far reaching implications on the business. The result is that safety and profitability and reputation are inextricably linked



Effective risk reduction in processes: the contribution of functional safety management systems (PDF - 140KB).

Industries that manage hazardous substances and activities seek risk reduction through the use of safety protective layers. In the case of safety instrumented systems, the industry good practice standards IEC61508 / IEC61511 require that their design, engineering and operation is in accordance with a 'cradle to grave' safety lifecycle approach with supporting safety management practices and the use of proven application tools and techniques. However, various circumstances can lead to deviations from full compliance during implementation of safety-related systems


Addressing your challenges


ABB is the number one market leader in the provision of TÜV in-country accredited functional safety management system certification. Our resources have TÜV Rheinland FS Expert and FS Engineer certification and are represented on a number of industry safety bodies and institutions combined with many years of asset owner and systems integration experience on a number of technology platforms. Our solutions are proven to deliver technical robustness, operational excellence and sustainable business improvement. 

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