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Safety-related field devices and controllers 

Products and expertise for functional safety compliance 


ABB recognises the importance of individual product certification to allow appropriate SIL verification of SIF designs to be shown to be valid against the safety requirements specification. Our diverse range of SIL capable field elements and controllers provides the necessary hardware safety integrity and systematic safety integrity information / data to allow users and systems integrators to complete the appropriate reliability calculations, architectural and systematic constraints in accordance with the IEC safety standards requirements. The documentation provided allows for ABB safety elements and controllers to be successfully integrated in any given Target SIL application.

Full IEC 61508 certification can apply to a manufacturer's processes. Full certification implies that a manufacturer's product development process meets the standards set down in the appropriate parts of sections 2 to 3 of IEC 61508 (including hardware / system and software). Receiving full certification from an accredited notifying body gives the end user confidence that the manufacturer's engineering process has been reviewed and its products' hardware content, firmware and logic have been assessed and conform to the guidelines in the standard.

There are very few nationally accredited bodies that can issue nationally accredited certifications. Other consulting firms issue certificates that indicate that the product and/or process has been reviewed by an independent third party.

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Addressing your challenges

ABB is the number one market leader in the provision of TÜV in-country accredited functional safety management system certification. Our resources have TÜV Rheinland FS Expert and FS Engineer certification and are represented on a number of industry safety bodies and institutions combined with many years of asset owner and systems integration experience on a number of technology platforms. Our solutions are proven to deliver technical robustness, operational excellence and sustainable business improvement. 

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