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Who are we?

Globally recognised expertise in functional safety 


We are a globally focused centre of excellence for functional safety both for ABB and for our customers. 

Our global network of Safety Execution Centres (SEC) and Service Safety Execution Centres (SSEC) has grown significantly over the past four years, expanding from ten to thirty centres located within every region and supporting high hazard industrial sectors. These centres provide ABB customers with in-country dedicated and competent functional safety resources for safety instrumented system (SIS) project execution, design, engineering, modification, operation and maintenance. The centres also provide access to local safety standard experts and technology experts. Globally, ABB has more than 700 TÜV, CFSE-certified and ABB technology-certified safety engineers.

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ABB has more safety centers than any other supplier in the industry, providing individual accreditation (either TÜV Rheinland or TÜV SÜD) for each country for Functional Safety Management System (FSMS) delivery, implementation, operations and maintenance. These TÜV groups lead the world in assessment and certification of organizations, their products and safety standards, as well as running individual competency certification schemes.


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Addressing your challenges

ABB is the number one market leader in the provision of TÜV in-country accredited functional safety management system certification. Our resources have TÜV Rheinland FS Expert and FS Engineer certification and are represented on a number of industry safety bodies and institutions combined with many years of asset owner and systems integration experience on a number of technology platforms. Our solutions are proven to deliver technical robustness, operational excellence and sustainable business improvement. 

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