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Making a switch to robots could be easier than you think...


Improved productivity, increased competitiveness and enhanced flexibility are just some of the many benefits that can be gained by making a switch to robots, but how do you know if robotic automation is right for your business, and what particular strategy should be taken?

With many misconceptions preventing UK SMEs from introducing robots, our Switch to Robots seminars take a balanced look at what's involved in introducing and implementing robotic automation, from assessing the need for robots through to calculating the potential ROI on an installation.

Developments in robotic automation technology mean that robots are now much easier to install and are suited for use in all types of production operations, from mass production through to low volume applications. Whether you're a large or small UK manufacturer, we will help you make an informed decision about what's best for you and how to go about achieving it.  


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What's covered?
Our Switch to Robots seminars cover everything you could need to know about introducing robots to your operations. Key elements include:
  • How making a switch to robotic automation could help you become more efficient
  • How developments in technology have reduced the cost and complexity associated with implementing, operating and maintaining robots
  • Key areas to look at when assessing whether robots could be beneficial to your business, including Productivity, Waste reduction, Quality and Health & Safety
  • How to create a flexible automation strategy and justify the potential ROI on an investment in robot automation



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